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Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014

The deadline to register for the Ski and Snowboard Program is this Friday, Dec. 12.  All registration takes place on-line at the Mountain High website:  http://www.mthigh.com/school-program .   Parents must return the liability release form and the ski/snowboard level to the school office, so the coordinators can begin setting up the groups.  Parents may also sign up in the office to chaperone the ski program.

John Garner





R'Leo Celebration

Friday, Nov. 14, was "Dress Like R'Leo Day," in honor of our good friend and plant manager, R'Leo Schreiber, who was fighting a long and unexpected battle after complications from heart surgery.  Sadly, on the day meant to honor him, R'Leo passed away peacefully in Ohio.  There has not been a person at Wrightwood Elementary School who worked harder or did more good to create a positive, safe, and fun environment than R'Leo.  He is greatly missed, but his legacy lives on in our warm and fun memories of a man who lived large, laughed loud, and loved and was loved by his Wrightwood family.  We are holding a Celebration of Life for R'Leo on Friday, Dec. 12, at 4:00 in the school auditorium.  All of R'Leo's friends are invited to join us.

PTG Santa's Secret Shop

Santa's Secret Shop will be set up during the week of Dec. 8-12 to give children an opportunity to get inexpensive presents for their parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends.  We want kids to experience the joy of giving, and this is a safe, fun way for them to get involved.

Pre-school Openings

The Wrightwood School State Preschool program has two openings remaining.  Preschool is a great way for kids to assimilate to the school environment, to socialize with their peers, and get prepared for kindergarten.  Registration paperwork is available in the school office.

Technology Instruction

Mr. Jeff Larson is a member of the Wrightwood community who has offered his time to teach technology skills to our students.  This was an area our staff identified as a need in our School Plan, but we didn't quite know how we could best deliver that instruction.  Enter Mr. Larson!  Using our staff's input, Mr. Larson identified skills that our students needed to learn at each grade level, and he has developed an on-going plan to deliver that instruction to our students on a weekly basis.  We are extremely grateful to Mr. Larson, and we want to welcome him to the Wrightwood School family!