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Monday, April 30, 2015

Kindergarten, Preschool, and Transitional Kindergarten Registration for 2015-16

Kindergarten packets are now available in the office for the 2015-16 school year.  Students must be five years old by Sept. 1, 2015.  Contact the school office if you'd like to set up an appointment to speak with me or to get a tour of the school (760-249-5828).

Transitional Kindergarten is open to children who turn five years old between September 2 and December 2, 2015. It is specifically designed for these students and uses developmentally appropriate practices for children in this age span. Transitional Kindergarten is free to eligible students!

If your child is age eligible to participate in transitional kindergarten, please complete a registration packet in our office. We will use the information provided on these forms to make final decisions as to which sites will host the transitional program. Please encourage any families that you know of with children age eligible for transitional kindergarten to complete a registration form and to support the implementation of transitional kindergarten at Wrightwood Elementary School.  

And we also have a state preschool program that is available for students who are three and four years old.  This program is also free to income-eligible families, but all families may sign their children up, and if space is available, other children may attend for a fee.

John Garner

Principal, Wrightwood Elementary School




PTG Secretary Nominations

The position of Secretary is open on our PTG Board, and I will be taking nominations through Friday, May 8.  The Secretary will serve on the PTG Board, will participate in planning, decision-making, and hosting of special events, like the school carnival, the family nights, and the financial support of the school.  And the Secretary, of course, is responsible for taking accurate notes and publishing those notes after each monthly meeting.  Please contact Mr. Garner in the office if you'd like to serve on our PTG Board.

Box Tops Contest: Guess How Much Candy!

During the month of May, we will hold another Box Tops Contest - this time it's Guess How Much Candy!  For every 10 Box Tops that a child returns, they'll get a guess at how many Skittles are in the giant jar in the office.  The student with the closes guess wins the giant jar of candy and a $20 gift card to the restaurant of their choice!  Last time we did a contest, we brought in over 5,000 Box Tops!  Let's see if we can "top" that!

Animal Awareness Month

April is Animal Awareness Month, and we've been making kids aware of the millions of animals who live their lives in shelters.  The kids are engaged in a Penny War through Friday, May 1, to raise money for local shelters.  In the Penny War, each class collects coins, which count toward their positive score.  Other classes may "sabatoge" another class by putting paper money in their can, which counts against their score.  So, 100 pennies would help a class, but $1 would wipe it out!  The winning class will earn a visit to their classroom from some very special and talented animals!  Thank you for your support.

Serrano High School Color Run

The Serrano High School ASB is hosting a 5K Color Run on Saturday, May 2, at 7:30 a.m. at the Serrano Football Stadium.  For $25, all participants will receive a white running shirt, and during the race they'll run through clouds of color!  By the end of the race, everyone will show off their brightly colored badge of honor.  And all proceeds go to Loma Linda Children's Hospital.  

Little Free Library

The Little Free Library was installed in front of the school in December, but the official ribbon cutting and unveiling was on Jan. 8.  The Little Free Library is the inspiration of our teacher, Mrs. Premo, and her brother, Andy Laich, who built and installed the LFL.  All students, parents, and community members are invited to use the LFL with a "take one, leave one" approach.  The goal is to support reading and literacy for our entire community - a Community of Readers!  Huge thanks to Mrs. Premo and Andy for their effort to make this great addition to our community a reality!