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Monday, September 22, 2014

Today, our WIN program begins.  WIN stands for What I Need, and it is our goal to provide intervention or enrichment for every child.  If a student is struggling, particularly with reading, we identify the specific skills that are missing, and the child will receive targeted intervention in that skill on a daily basis.  And if a child is proficient, teachers plan enrichment activities that push their learning even farther.  I appreciate the hard work of our teachers and our instructional associates to make sure that the needs of every individual student are met.


Have a great day,

John Garner





Our number one priority will always be student safety, and therefore, we need to make a change with the way students are dropped off in the morning to ensure that no student ever gets injured.  Many students have been getting dropped off in the staff parking lot at the same time that teachers are arriving to school.  Small bodies and moving cars do not make for a safe situation.  Beginning today, the cafeteria will not be accessible from the staff parking lot, so we ask that parents drop their children off at any of the other entrances to to the school, including the drive thru, the front gate, Pine Street, or the Z gate by the upper playground.  Thank you for understanding.


The PTG Membership Drive runs through the month of September.  If you have a child at Wrightwood Elementary School, you should be a part of our PTG, as your membership dues support field trips and assemblies, academic programs, and family events.  PTG does a ton to make the school experience much brighter for our students and their families.  Please support them.  


The PTG Board is also looking for a Secretary.  This is a great way to get introduced to our PTG leadership and to become part of the decision-making process at our school.  Please contact Mr. Garner if you are willing to step up and serve as Secretary.


The Running Club hits the starting line on Thursday, Sept. 11, at 7:20 a.m. on the upper field!  We had almost 100 kids in our Running Club last year, with many parents joining in the fun.  The Running Club is every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:20-7:50 on the upper field, and we track the miles students run and recognize them for every five miles.  The mileage kids run is a source of pride for them, and we love that they are starting their day off in such a positive manner.  Kids who eat breakfast in our cafeteria are released from the Running Club in plenty of time to eat.  Feel free to join your student and come start your day off with a little exercise, friendship, and fun!


Beginning after Labor Day, State Hwy 2 will be part of a re-paving project from Cardinal Road to Hwy 138, and from Mountain Road to Beekley Road.  The project will last about eight weeks, and there will be a flagging operation with alternating lane closures.  It remains to be seen how this will affect your commute to and from school, but please plan ahead to arrive at school on-time.