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Oct. 20, 2015



When I think of all the things that make Wrightwood Elementary School so unique and successful, I begin with the commitment and partnership of our staff, students, parents, and community.  This month, the fruits of those relationships are visible in the form of several extracurricular activities, including the Walking School Bus, the Chinese and Spanish Clubs, the Running Club, Student Council, and the Strings Club.  The influence of Wrightwood Elementary School spans far beyond our school campus, into the community and even “down the hill.”

On Oct. 7, over 90 students participated in the first day of the Walking School Bus.  This is a great partnership between our students, parent volunteers, and a community that supports our school with their time (several route leaders are not parents, but are involved community members), as well as their financial support.  The local non-profit organization One Town has committed their support to purchase t-shirts and safety vests for every child, and they’ve ensured leaders have background checks and fingerprints, ensuring parents that their children will be in safe hands.

Further, One Town has created a scholarship fund for all Wrightwood Elementary students, paying them $1 for every day a child participates in the Walking School Bus.  With 180 school days during the year, our students have the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars upon graduation that they can use toward a college savings plan.

It is not too late for anyone to join the Walking School Bus.  We’ll take new students and new volunteers at any time.  Information is available in the school office.  Get on the Bus!

Also, big thanks to Mrs. Quinn and Mrs. Mendez for volunteering their time for our Chinese and Spanish Clubs every Thursday afternoon.  The clubs were so popular with the students that I had sadly had to limit them to just fourth and fifth graders.  But that’s a good problem to have, and I hope our younger students will look forward to their opportunity to learn a new language when their time comes.

Our Running Club has about 100 students participating, and on Oct. 16, 42 of our most committed runners competed in the Mount SAC Cross Country Invitational, the largest cross country race in the world.  Everyone ran with a lot of heart and pride, and our 4th grade girls came in 1st place against all the other schools competing!

Mrs. Ward, our music teacher, has started a new after school Strings Club, for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades who would like to learn to play the violin or cello.  All of our students have the opportunity to shine at the microphone when Mrs. Ward takes students to perform patriotic songs at the Veterans Day ceremony at the Wrightwood Veterans Memorial Park on Nov. 11.

I am extremely proud of the well-rounded academic and social experience our students get at Wrightwood Elementary School.  I hope your children take advantage of all of these opportunities, and any parents would like to create an extracurricular club of interest, we’d love to hear from you!

John Garner  


Our PTG Board and the Room Moms have been hard at work planning the annual Halloween Carnival for Saturday, Oct. 24, from 1:00-5:00.  Please note the change in time.  This is one of the most fun days of the year, as students, parents, and staff all show up to have a lot of fun playing games, winning prizes, eating great food, and sliding down the giant, three-story slide!

Also at the Carnival will be the Victorville Motors Drive for Kids from 1:00-4:00. This is an amazing opportunity for our school to raise money for technology with little effort and no cost for us!  While you’re at the Carnival and your kids are playing games, sneak down to the lower field to take a quick ride in a new Fiat.  For every rider, our school earns $10!  The only requirement is that you are 18 years old.  Just take a ride and earn a $10 donation toward our school.  We plan to use the money toward the ultimate goal of putting a computer on the desk of every Wrightwood Elementary student. Little Wrightwood Elementary still holds the record for this event two years ago with 392 test rides in three hours!  We think we can break that record this year!  Please do your part and take a quick ride in a fun car.


Every year we plea with parents and students to collect Box Tops off household items like cereal, soup, cleaning products, snacks, and toiletries.  The reason we push these so hard is that this is free money!  It doesn’t cost parents a thing, and kids aren’t salesmen.  Just cut them out and send them in to school, and we receive money to use as we wish!  We use the Box Tops money to purchase playground equipment for recess, and it is my goal to provide more and more balls, jump ropes, and other equipment to keep kids busy during recess, as idle hands seem to get into mischief.  Thank you for the effort of clipping those Box Tops!  In the first six weeks of school, we collected 2,244 Box Tops! 


By now, all students should have received their individual test results for last year’s California Assessment for Student Progress and Performance (CASPP).  As a staff, we also look at grade-level and school-wide results, and we use those results to guide our instructional planning, student preparation, and resource allocation.  We believe our school’s test results will improve significantly as our staff becomes more familiar with the new Common Core State Standards, as the students develop the skills expected by these more rigorous standards, and as we increase the access and focus on technology education for our students.  All in all, I was satisfied with these first results of the new test, but we all acknowledge that there is room for improvement, and we will work hard to get our students prepared to demonstrate their knowledge.