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Greetings, Wrightwood Elementary families!

The 2022-23 school year brings a new chapter to our story. Our school has grown with many new families and staff members, and I am happy and proud to introduce everyone to all the things that make our school so special. Wrightwood Elementary School has a long history of serving the children, families and residents of Wrightwood, and we embrace our important role in this town. Wrightwood families and businesses have always been great supporters of our school, and likewise, we strive to be the Pride of the Community!

I encourage all of our students and families to get involved beyond the classroom -  join the Walking School Bus, help our Parent-Teacher Group (PTG), attend family events, join an after school club, volunteer in the classroom. Wrightwood Elementary is special in its partnership with parents and the community, and I hope everyone will find a way to join in the fun and support your child's school.

Welcome to a new school year and new opportunities to grow, to learn and to serve.

John Garner
Wrightwood Elementary School 

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