Wrightwood Elementary School Home

Principal's Message

January 25, 2022

Dear Wrightwood families,

The 2021-22 school year has been unique, as our students returned to full-time, in-person learning after a year of Remote Learning. Everyone needed to adjust back to the routines and expectations of a school environment, and I'm happy to say that our students are doing well and are acting and performing like the kind, hard-working Wrightwood Raccoons we have always known.

Another unique requirement is that everyone in a California school setting must wear masks while indoors. Again, the students have been responsible and compliant with this requirement, even when they must constantly adjust with expectations that sometimes differ between home and school. I am extremely proud of our students, and I am grateful for the parents who support our staff members in enforcing a state mandate.

We will continue to follow all health and safety guidelines as directed by the California Department of Public Health and CalOSHA. We will do this for three reasons:
to keep our students and staff members safe and healthy;
to prevent a large outbreak of illnesses and absences that could require our school to close;
to follow the rules set forth by the Governor, the CDPH, the County, and the Snowline Board of Trustees.
For over 80 years, Wrightwood Elementary School has been a source of pride and trust in the Wrightwood community, and we strive to live up to that high standard every day, even during a worldwide pandemic that has challenged us all. We have never needed each other so badly. We will be there for the Wrightwood community, and we trust we'll have everyone's support, as well.

John Garner