Principal's Message

March 5, 2021

Greetings, Wrightwood Elementary parents,

I remember the confusion of last March. I remember the hope of last July. I remember the sadness
of August and the despair of January. I am so happy to be re-opening Wrightwood Elementary
School to our students and staff. It is where we all belong - learning and laughing and growing
There are a lot of details that I want to communicate, because school will look different, and there
will be different rules and procedures. Please make sure you and your children are prepared for
some of the changes they will experience when they return to school.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Group A
On Campus
On Campus
Groups A, B, C
All Remote Learning

TK- 9:00-9:30
K- 8:00-9:00
1st- 8:30-9:30
2nd- 9:30-10:30
3rd- 9:30-10:30
4th- 9:30-10:30
Group B
On Campus
On Campus
Group C
*Individual teachers may modify this schedule to give the most effective instructional time.
Safety Precautions
We are committed to keeping all of our students, staff, and families safe and healthy. We will follow
and enforce recommendations of public health officials, as well as the requirements for the
re-opening of schools. Those precautions include:

● Face coverings - All TK-5 students and staff must wear a mask at all times, except if they
are eating or drinking. If a child has trouble wearing a mask, a face shield with a drape on
the bottom is acceptable.

● Disinfecting - Our custodial staff will be focused on frequent sanitizing, particularly high
touch areas like chairs, doors, desks, and restrooms.

● Desk shields - Each desk has a plexiglass shield on it to provide protection between
students and staff.

● Physical distancing - Student desks are separated, and students will be spread out
whenever they are gathered, such as in lines or in the cafeteria.

● Air purifiers and ventilation - Each room has a new air purifier, and air conditioning filters
have been replaced. All rooms with windows have received new screens, to allow teachers
to open windows.

● Hand washing stations - Hand washing and sanitizing will be expected and monitored.
Hand washing stations have been added to both the upper and lower playgrounds to allow
students to quickly wash up and return to class after recess.

● Drinking water - Each student will be given a plastic water bottle with their name on it. They
are encouraged to use it at one of our two water bottle filling stations, as drinking fountains
will not be available for use.

● Violating safety protocols - If a child is not able or willing to follow the safety protocols that
are required of all of us, they will be sent to the principal to resolve the issue. Parents will be
notified if a problem persists. A child who repeatedly fails to follow safety protocols may be
required to do school remotely for the remainder of the school year.

Health Screening
The school will not be conducting temperature checks on a daily basis. It is strongly requested and
expected that parents will evaluate their children before sending them to school each day, including
temperature checks. Children who are ill should be kept home. Please respect all the other
families and staff who are going to school with the belief that everyone is doing their very best to
prevent exposure to contagious illnesses.

Drop Off and Pick Up
This will be one of the biggest changes, as we need to closely monitor student movement and
physical distancing. Each grade level will enter campus each morning at a specific gate. Teachers
will meet their students at the assigned gate no earlier than 7:45, and they will walk the students to
class promptly at 8:00, when the gates will be locked. Parents and other visitors are not allowed to
enter campus.
If you have siblings at Wrightwood Elementary, drop them off at the gate of the youngest child. The
older sibling(s) will drop off their younger sibling at the teacher at the gate, and then they will
proceed to their grade’s gate to find their teacher.
TK & K - drive thru bus ramp at the front of school on Hwy 2 (teachers will be there)
1st grade - office pull-through parking lot (look for grade level sign and teacher)
2nd grade - office pull-through parking lot (look for grade level sign and teacher)
3rd grade - upper Spruce St. gate, at the upper campus (look for signs and teachers)
4th & 5th grades - Pine St. gate by the park (look for signs and teachers)
Teachers will deliver the students back to their parents at these gates at 11:30, and the older
siblings will go meet their parents at the gate of the youngest sibling at 11:30, also.

Breakfast and Lunch
Students attending school in-person will be able to eat a free breakfast in the cafeteria from
7:30-7:50. The cafeteria will be emptied at 7:50 by a campus monitor. Students attending school
in-person will be able to reserve a free lunch by a verbal lunch count by their teacher. The lunch will
be delivered to the child’s classroom before departure at 11:30. The meal should be eaten at home.
Three meals for each day will be distributed via our usual Grab-n-Go on Spruce St. on Tuesdays
and Thursdays from 11:30-1:00. Students need not be present to collect the meals.

When a Child Must Be Absent
One of the benefits of Remote Learning is that children may still engage with instruction and
learning, even when they can’t be on campus. If a child is not able to attend their class for any
reason, they are welcome to attend the virtual Remote Learning session that day. Attendance will
be counted for every child who participates in class either in-person or virtually.

We will be providing a short recess break in the middle of the in-person learning day. We will send
students to recess on the playground by grade level. With only half the students attending each day,
the number of students on the playground and field at any given time will number between 16-25.
This small number will allow the children to play actively while still maintaining safe distancing. The
children will be able to play with equipment and balls, which will be sanitized after recess. Campus
monitors will supervise the children and enforce our safety protocols.

School Supplies
Our teachers have modified their School Supply Lists to reflect the limited time left in the school
year. Please see the attached Supply Lists and send your child with as many of the items as
possible. If you can’t provide them, the school will make sure your child has what they need.

First Day of School
We recognize the significance of bringing your children - our students - back to school.. For that
reason, we want to celebrate the return to school in a big way. The first day of school - both March
11 (Group B) and March 15 (Group A) - is a Spirit Day, and we want everyone to dress up to the
max! It’s a big day in the lives of our children and in the history of our school. Let’s dress up to meet
the moment!

Much has been spoken - rightfully - about the heroic efforts of essential workers, first responders,
medical workers, delivery people, grocery clerks, and postal workers. Parents, you are on that list,
too, of people who have acted heroically in the face of the crisis of our lifetime. You are all heroes to
me, and someday your children will be older and will remember how bravely you faced this
challenge and how you cared so gracefully for them. I want to thank you for the sacrifices you’ve
made and the support you have shown us. In return, I hope you recognize that your Wrightwood
Elementary staff is here for you and your children, too. Not some of us; all of us. We love your
children, and we have missed them.

John Garner
Wrightwood Elementary School