Principal's Message

Every school year is unique, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. This past year, at Wrightwood Elementary, we challenged ourselves to be more giving, more generous, in our acts of community service. It is one of the things of which I am most proud this year. In October, we collected over 700 pairs of socks for the homeless and needy. In December, we delivered toys and items for Joy Jars, to be given to children fighting cancer in hospitals. In February, we gave handmade Valentine‚Äôs cards to our local senior citizens. And in May, we donated $1,248 to animal shelters and rehabilitation centers. 
What I hoped would be achieved by those acts of service, as much as benefiting the needy, was to instill in our students an understanding of the power they have to make the world a better place. I want them to know the value that each of them brings - to their class, to their school, to their community. I think our students know they have the power to change the world; They also embrace the responsibility to change it for the better.
This summer, Raccoons, go make the world a better place.

John Garner
Wrightwood Elementary School